For children
The City We Need:
25th January. 2 pm-5 pm. A Creativity and Story Writing Session for Children (Deepa Kiran and Snehanshu Mukherjee). 

Visual Story Telling (Gauri Nori):

To encourage children and young adults to develop visual language and help them translate words into visuals. The visual depictions will be exhibited.There are two sessions in this workshop: One on 24th January 11 am-2 pm, for children from 10-15 years, and the other on 25th January11 am-2 pm, for people from 16-20 years of age.

Space and Sensibility:
A Workshop with Children (Gouri Mohini Kasinathuni) Explores our experience of space and expressions of our response to space Participants will express their response to spaces through language and art.There are two sessions in this workshop: One on 24th January 11 am-2 pm, for children of below 10 years of age, and the other on 25th January 11 am-2 pm, for people from 10-17 years of age.

Locomotive Poem: 24th January 3 pm- 5pm a storytelling and illustration workshop by the Polish Institute, New Delhi. The Locomotive, by Julian Tuwim, is one the most famous Polish poems for children. Tuwim's poem stimulates the imagination with a description of contents in wagons of a train sitting at a station. The children participating can fill in pictures in the sheets provided as per their imagination. The person conducting this is Mr. Vijay Marur.

For grownups

Adults Theatre (Barbara Kolling) 26th January 11 am-2 pm
Will make participants improvise with material-sand earth paper-to capture moments and use these moments to create pieces

Self-publishing (Rasana Atreya) 24 Jan 11am-1pm 
What self-publishing is and what it is not Advantages and disadvantages of traditional publishing How to protect yourself from self publishing scams

A Gita Translations (Mani Rao) 25 Jan 11am-1pm 
Conducts a textual analysis of translations of a few verses from the Gita to understand interpretive differences and variant approaches Some basic knowledge of the Gita required

Ghazal Appreciation (Khalid Saeed & Amina Kishore) 26 Jan 11am-1pm 
Delineates the features of ghazal, its system of conventional meaning. Helps ghazal lovers to appreciate the system of ghazal and the beauty of its form

Jan Zabeil Acting 25th January 3 pm-5pm
For actors non-actors Shows how the same line word in a script can be made to mean the opposite if the motivation of the character is changed

Koeli Mukherjee Not a Tiger 26th January 2 pm-5pm
Creative Interactive Workshop for Couples To stimulate creativity in individuals who are not trained in fine arts but would like to experience art making 3 hour session 5 couples in a session.

Literary Quiz L Ravichander 25th January 12 pm-3pm: This is for college graduates and above. Please form teams of three and register accordingly.