About HLF 2015

HLF 2015 is organized by “Hyderabad Literary Trust” in association with the Government of Telangana and with the support of several academic, literary, cultural organizations and publishing houses. 

Guest Nation
Inviting a foreign country to showcase its literature and culture is a unique feature of HLF. Poland will be the ‘Guest Nation’ at HLF 2015. 

Indian Language in Focus
HLF pays special attention to the writing in one Indian language at each edition of the festival. Urdu will be the language in focus at HLF 2015. 

Endangered Languages
To highlight the need to sustain linguistic diversity, HLF 2015 will have a special session on language endangerment and linguistic human rights.

Writing and Disability
To draw attention to the creative abilities of the differently abled, HLF 2015 will feature writers with different abilities 

Other Highlights
Cultural events, Workshops, Exhibitions, Book Launches, Bookfair …